May 28, 2014

Not So Very Step 1

SO, my last post was all about how I was on Step 1 of Patternmaking, which was research. Well,
I did that and I haven't made it to my expected Step 2.

Instead I made it to.. what shall we call it?  Oh Yeah. Step minus 2.

After my successful Step 1 I went to start my Step 2, which was to select designs and start drafting. I pulled out my homemade scrappy sketchbooks I've been filling every week and perused through my designs. I put stars next to the ones I liked and wanted to develop a pattern on. Then I took my happy little notebook and wandered down to the studio to get to work.

And after that I stopped. I saw the gigantic mess in need of cleaning and stopped dead in my tracks.

This is just a small sample. I can't fully disclose this or the authorities will find me.
Then I'll end up on Hoarders with my pile of craft supplies suffocating me.

May 21, 2014

Step One of Patternmaking- Research

I'm gearing myself up to get back to patternmaking after taking a very long break. How long. Like ten years, but who is counting?

My first step has taken me deep into Pinterest, searching the internet for all kinds of free patterns and indie pattern companies. Want to see my Pinterest board of Free Sewing Patterns for Women?

You know what I found out? There really aren't that many Free Sewing Patterns for Men. It's pretty abysmal.

After I pinned my brain out on all those patterns I did start to get a good feel of what was out there. At the same time I got a good sense of what is not out there.  So, now I have a direction of which way to go.

I have notebooks full of ideas, so now I'll be picking out a few and giving them a proper illustration. Then drafting and sewing sample time!

Yay for motivation!

*Oh and if you see any other great free patterns for men or women, let me know. I found many of the skirt patterns were just regurgitations of each other. How many dirdl skirt patterns does one really need. It's a big rectangle, HELLO! lol

May 20, 2014

Back to Patternmaking

Four score and several million years ago... (okay, like a decade ago) I was a fashion school student. I was the portfolio carrying, tackle-box of art supplies wielding, taking up too much space on the university bus with my crap, starving fashion student.


And I wasn't starving because I needed or wanted to be a size 2. I was starving because I was so stressed. The Fashion School was so stressful that I changed programs. I changed programs and banished all the things associated with it. I buried them or threw them away.  Do I regret leaving? Sometimes. But did I love creating and the positive environment I went into studying art instead.

May 15, 2014

I think I Pinned by Brain Out

Ages ago I signed up for Pinterest. It was tiny at the time and only was open by invitation. Yeah, I know.


Honestly, I didn't think much of it. I didn't see a point to making a digital bulletin board. I figured if it was really that great I'd print it out, or save the link, or some other nonsense.

Then the kids came. And I would print things out or write them down thinking I would get to them later. Later sometimes never happened. Or when it did the item in question had something spilled on it, ripped, or was missing a piece. So now I am a true convert to the Pinterest bug.

My only problem is now I have so many reminders of things I want to do. Like, I've become obsessed with finding free sewing patterns lately. So much so that if I was to sew one item a day I'd be well into fall by now. If you don't believe me, check out my board here.

It is jam packed with all kinds of goodies and now I don't know where to start. So, in order to gain some sort of footing and make some headway I've decided to make another list.

A LIST?!?!

YES! I know. I don't really like them written out usually, but if they are on the internet it doesn't really count. I technically didn't write them out. I typed them.

Besides, if I post it here I feel more inclined to show that I made some progress. It's weird. But it seems to work in my funky little brain.

This is my list of Sewing Projects that I wish to try out this summer. They are in no important order or preference. I just want to try them.

1. Breezy Tunic Pattern by Me Sew Crazy
2. Gemma Skirt by Tamanegikobo
3. The Garden party Dress by Honig Design
4. Ms Eliza Bennet Shirt by Meanie Greene
5. The Brigitte Dress which looks a lot like the Coco Dress by Tilly and the Buttons
6. The Weekend Blouse
7. This Short Dress

Besides, we can consider this all research because I want to start making my own patterns to share and perhaps sell later on. I didn't go to fashion school for 4 1/2 years, change majors and graduate from art school for nothing!



I'm talking crazy. Blame Pinterest because I think I pinned my brain out.

May 14, 2014

Princess Tiger Lily and the Lost Boy

Many moons ago (count that as last May) my daughter's preschool was holding their Pre-school Prom. Since it was her last year at Pre-school before taking the big jump to Kindergarten I wanted her to have a nice outfit. Something to make it feel special.

The theme of the event was Never, Never land and after some long thoughts we decided on making her a Princess Tiger Lily costume.


May 12, 2014

Fairy House and Garden Adventures!

I haven't been crafting that much lately. I'm going to assume it's because my ridiculous list of things to finish is smaller. After finishing my Circle Fun Granny Square Blanket, I think I need a breather anyways. So I've been working outside instead. The weather is getting nicer and the yard was a bit scraggly.

In the past month I have done gobs and gobs of things outside. But my favorite thing happened yesterday. Mr. C (the middle child) helped me plant the flower bed. Then Miss T. and I made a fairy house.


May 8, 2014

May 1, 2014

Do you have Mashed Potato Pillows?

That's right. You read that right.

Do you have Mashed Potato Pillows?

Mashed Potatoes in Their Natural Habitat

Before you think I'm completely batty, let me tell you what they are.