Jan 29, 2014

Kick it Off Right

Let's get this all started off right again. Since I have admitted to my fear of lists, perhaps I should attempt to overcome it.

Since we bought our home, it's been one continuous project after another. Most of which don't need done but somehow I think it does. All of it and at the same time. I'm not sure why I think this way but perhaps it's a sick attempt at thinking if I do it all at once it will be done. ALL DONE. Once and for all and never need it again.

Laughable, right?

Let's be honest. I'm not the blogger to end all bloggers. I'm not the crafter to end all crafters or the mother to end all mothers. You know the one: She looks effortlessly fashionable, intelligent, organized,  her house looks fabulous, all her crafting ideas are genius, all her photos are picturesque, her children are all models, and she makes a killer meal every day that should be featured in a magazine.

Me? I'm not her. I just attempt to do what I can. And right now I'm attempting to work on three areas of the house at once. Brilliant!

This is my list of current projects all neatly arranged:

Downstairs Hallway

  • Sand down wood putty
  • Tape off baseboard
  • Paint trim and doors
  • Finish edges on carpet
  • Install wainscoting in stairway
  • Trim off carpet on stairs - didn't have to because my wainscoting cutting was AWESOME. (check out how I used Kraft Paper to make a template)
  • Hang pictures


  • Sort through paperwork
  • Buy shredder to shred old documents
  • Finish organizing built-in shelving
  • Get or make fabulous rug
  • Finish framing photos and artwork ( I now have more frames than art, oops)

Laundry Room

  • Clean out all tools and put back in garage
  • Cap off gas line that goes to nowhere
  • Tear down useless ugly shelving
  • Buy laundry bags for homemade laundry sorter
  • Paint walls and floor something other than baby blue
  • Make and mount drying rack for clothing
  • New shelving and storage


  • Buy table saw to build picture frames
  • Make  or buy storage crates for husband's homebrew beer
  • Buy or make mail organization center - mentioned this to the in-laws and some magically appeared!!
  • Hang photos in upstairs hallway
  • Make throw pillows for couch (you can see them here)
  • Curl up and die

This is why I don't make lists. I'm too ambitious for my own good.

Jan 28, 2014

Few and Far Between

I started this blog with the best intentions. It was a way to track my life and not just the stuff everyone sees. A way for me to place things born from my own mind. The ideas, projects and events that surround me.

The truth of the matter is I'm a terrible list maker. I start making a list of everything I want to achieve, make, any idea I have that could be something great. I write it all down, look at it and then easily become overwhelmed. I decided after several attempts that this list-making thing was a bad idea. Not only did I get overwhelmed but I had bunches of tiny bits of paper everywhere. The downfall, however, is that the ideas get stuck in my head. They rattle around and fade slowly from my memory.

No more. I think I have such clever thoughts that I can't afford to lose them. This will be my pad of paper to put things. From now on. And you will just sit here and witness my insanity or self-greatness. Because truth be told, I think I am great in my own way.