Feb 29, 2012

A Small Return

Since my last most things have been most interesting. Life continues to move on creating obstacles and new choices daily. I may feel like I don't lead an interesting life compared to others but I can say it's always busy. Perhaps not with things I wish to do or have happen, but I guess I shouldn't be picky. I'm still breathing and so is everyone else I care about. That counts for something.

Since July I have had the following happen:

1. Moved while pregnant (again!. It always seems that I'm pregnant when we move).
2. Had my 3rd child.
3. Got a new job -almost- in my field.
4. Had all those holiday things since July. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.
5. Surgeries all around! My mother in law, my mother and my brother in law have all undergone a surgery of one kind or another. All are doing well but still recovering.
6. Decided to start getting back to my crafting roots.