Mar 15, 2016

Home be Fancy- Ikea Trip

A week months ago,  I convinced my husband to take a trip to the nearest Ikea. I demanded it late at night when he was most likely half asleep and had no idea what he actually agreed on.

 We drove out on New Years Day where I filled the cart full of bits and pieces that make me happy. I estimated just a few hours while in the store but that was a big wash. I was overly optimistic and under the premise that I had a targeted (and printed) list which would make it easy. I went there specifically for organization, rugs and textiles. I printed lists based on which room they would go to.

Three hours later the cart was full. We were checking out with things I didn't plan on getting and missing things I did plan on getting.  I guess that's life in general.

Here are some of my favorite rug purchases from Ikea.

Hulsig Rug
HULSIG Rug, low pile IKEA Durable, stain resistant and easy to care for since the rug is made of synthetic fibers.
This went into the youngest one's room. It's a low pile which works for truck wheels and the lines can be used for race tracks. I would like to get a second one and laying it next to the other during my next Ikea run. I find just one looks far too small.

Laborg Rug in Tan

LÄBORG Rug, low pile IKEA
This will be going into my daughter's room once I get around to updating it. Right now she has lavender and plum walls with my old bedset from my mom's house. It's a nice set but I'm looking for something a bit more desert cowgirl. I've put together a pinterest board with inspiration and items for her room. You can check it out here.

I'm pretty sure if they had everything in stock I wanted we'd be well past broke and I'd be trying to redecorate a cardboard box. Regardless, I still have plenty to work with have my hands in many different projects already.

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