May 21, 2014

Step One of Patternmaking- Research

I'm gearing myself up to get back to patternmaking after taking a very long break. How long. Like ten years, but who is counting?

My first step has taken me deep into Pinterest, searching the internet for all kinds of free patterns and indie pattern companies. Want to see my Pinterest board of Free Sewing Patterns for Women?

You know what I found out? There really aren't that many Free Sewing Patterns for Men. It's pretty abysmal.

After I pinned my brain out on all those patterns I did start to get a good feel of what was out there. At the same time I got a good sense of what is not out there.  So, now I have a direction of which way to go.

I have notebooks full of ideas, so now I'll be picking out a few and giving them a proper illustration. Then drafting and sewing sample time!

Yay for motivation!

*Oh and if you see any other great free patterns for men or women, let me know. I found many of the skirt patterns were just regurgitations of each other. How many dirdl skirt patterns does one really need. It's a big rectangle, HELLO! lol


  1. I wonder which comes first... We don't sew much for men due to a lack of patterns OR There's not many men's patterns because we don't want to sew many. I've heard a lot of bloggers say their men folk are picky and not keen on handmade. You've done well finding the men's patterns you've pinned, Eska!

    1. I keep seeing online that menswear is all about subtle variations. If that is the case why isn't there a wardrobe sampler package? A nice button down, polo, pants and jacket pattern with a million different cuffs and collars would be helpful.

      But I do wonder if the men would wear it. If they do wear handmade do you think they worry about looking like they wear handmade? I doubt they want to be mistaken for Amish or Mennonite (no offense if you guys look read the internet lol)