May 14, 2014

Princess Tiger Lily and the Lost Boy

Many moons ago (count that as last May) my daughter's preschool was holding their Pre-school Prom. Since it was her last year at Pre-school before taking the big jump to Kindergarten I wanted her to have a nice outfit. Something to make it feel special.

The theme of the event was Never, Never land and after some long thoughts we decided on making her a Princess Tiger Lily costume.


For Princess Tiger Lily's outfit I went to Joann's and bought knit moleskin in tan as well as a chunk in a dark chocolate color with some embroidery on it.
I first drew out my idea to closely resemble the original outfit. Then after looking at it and realizing it was spring, I modified my original idea.  I changed the design into a halter dress with an empire waist. To make it look a little more like my inspiration I drafted a cape to go over top of it.
 I had to make a few adjustments after she tried it on, like cutting the cape down the center because my neck hole was too small but overall I was very happy.

My middle child has just started pre-school that year and was also going to attend. For him, I decided on making a Lost Boy outfit. More importantly, a bunny hooded lost boy.

My In-laws graciously bought me a long sleeved T shirt in tan and I used that as my starting point. I  had planned on cutting the sleeves off and turning them into the hood. The rabbit ears were going to be made out of scraps of felt.

It was a brilliant plan. Right up until I cut two left sides of a hood. >.<  After that I frantically looked for another knit fabric that would work with the T-shirt. I was striking out at the local fabric source and I had limited time.

I finally found the perfect knit for my Lost Boy hood, a pair of XXXXXXL-OMFG knit pants I found on clearance at Wal-Mart for $3.  These bad boys seriously had at least two yards of donor knit for the taking!

So I bought them and used that material to finished up the rest of my hood. Then I used furry felt to make the inside of the ears and sew a tail on the back of the shirt. To stiffen the ears to make them stay up I folded over some 2 inch horsehair trim I had laying around (at that point in time I worked for a bridal gown manufacturer and fished a scrap from the trash bin).

Here is my Little Lost Boy and my Princess Tiger Lily costume for the Prom.

The photos are not as great as they can be but taking pictures in a basement play area where the children are meant to play is not easy. Besides, I wanted them to have fun there instead of having to stop for photos every few seconds.

There were several activity stations there including the Lost Boys hideout in the above photo. There was a station where they could make fairy wands with pretzel rods, frosting and sprinkles and a station for making jars of fairy dust using colored sand.

And wouldn't you know, they were the only Princess Tiger Lily and Lost Boy there.


  1. my girl would love that so much! she is crazy about Princess Lily! great job!

    1. Thank you. They both loved their costumes. My son love it so much that he wore it going to the book store later that day. There he was in the middle of the kids play area with his ears flopping around. lol

  2. They both look so cute! Great job on the costumes!

    1. Thank you. Now I need to work on my son's costume for this year. The theme is nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss.