May 28, 2014

Not So Very Step 1

SO, my last post was all about how I was on Step 1 of Patternmaking, which was research. Well,
I did that and I haven't made it to my expected Step 2.

Instead I made it to.. what shall we call it?  Oh Yeah. Step minus 2.

After my successful Step 1 I went to start my Step 2, which was to select designs and start drafting. I pulled out my homemade scrappy sketchbooks I've been filling every week and perused through my designs. I put stars next to the ones I liked and wanted to develop a pattern on. Then I took my happy little notebook and wandered down to the studio to get to work.

And after that I stopped. I saw the gigantic mess in need of cleaning and stopped dead in my tracks.

This is just a small sample. I can't fully disclose this or the authorities will find me.
Then I'll end up on Hoarders with my pile of craft supplies suffocating me.

There was no way I was going to be able to create in this chaos. And I couldn't even blame the kids for this because I knew it was all me who did this.

In case you missed it, this is my studio. It's not the mostly lovely, inviting and inspiring space. In fact I would take my projects upstairs to hide from it. Not a good sign.

There was no way I could just ignore it and start pattern making. Nope. Instead  I created this convoluted plan on how to organize it so it looked super amazing and I would be happy to be downstairs.
Check out some of my inspiration on pinterest in my Studio Ideas board.

So, Step minus 2 is to fancify the studio so I want to work in it. To have a nice clean environment so I can start churning out the patterns that someone somewhere will love.

I have already built a shelf which I will be sharing with you later the week. And I'm working on making it less dungeon-y.

Yep. I am using special, highly super intelligent words in this post.

 Checktify back laterly this week for my storagilicious shelfity post.

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