May 12, 2014

Fairy House and Garden Adventures!

I haven't been crafting that much lately. I'm going to assume it's because my ridiculous list of things to finish is smaller. After finishing my Circle Fun Granny Square Blanket, I think I need a breather anyways. So I've been working outside instead. The weather is getting nicer and the yard was a bit scraggly.

In the past month I have done gobs and gobs of things outside. But my favorite thing happened yesterday. Mr. C (the middle child) helped me plant the flower bed. Then Miss T. and I made a fairy house.


She really wanted one and did help but I think I did 80% of the work. Making small things is fussy business that kids get frustrated with.

The walls are made with sticks cut to size. Two curved ones were tied together to make the doorway. And the same rope was used to weave in and out of the sticks to make more stable walls.  A large stick was placed inside the house and pieces of bark were propped on it to make the roof.

Then Miss T. made a dandelion fence and I strung some wooden beads up. It was all finished off with a bark door and a nice stepping stone path.

I'll be adding more pictures of this later. They had an issue when I was uploading.

Have you ever made a fairy house? It makes little girls so happy.

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