May 20, 2014

Back to Patternmaking

Four score and several million years ago... (okay, like a decade ago) I was a fashion school student. I was the portfolio carrying, tackle-box of art supplies wielding, taking up too much space on the university bus with my crap, starving fashion student.


And I wasn't starving because I needed or wanted to be a size 2. I was starving because I was so stressed. The Fashion School was so stressful that I changed programs. I changed programs and banished all the things associated with it. I buried them or threw them away.  Do I regret leaving? Sometimes. But did I love creating and the positive environment I went into studying art instead.

I've had some time to reflect on it over time and while I can say fashion was what I wanted to do at the time, it wasn't how I wanted to do it. I didn't want to be stressed. I didn't want to be pressured. And I didn't want to feel forced to churn out idea and after idea, until I was mentally exhausted.

So now, years old and infinitely wiser I have made a decision. After see-sawing back and forth with the idea silently and not so silently to my friends, I've decided to jump in. I'm going back patternmaking again.

But this time it will be my way.  I forgot how much I liked to draw and figure out how to make the pattern to match. It's something I actually really love to do.

So expect to see a few free patterns for you in the coming posts. I'll be remembering and learning along the way and I expect you to help me with any feedback or suggestions to help me grow.

Now if only I could get a patternmaking table next to me at work. Then I could have the best of both worlds.


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