Mar 31, 2014

Why Kraft Paper is Awesome

I finally dug in and bought a big roll of Kraft paper on Amazon. When it came I did the happy dance inside.

This roll of paper is 4 ft by 200 ft. That is 800 square feet. It is huge and lovely and AMAZING.

I'm going to show you how amazing. Kraft paper helped me finish my stairwell. No, really!!

My pretty pretty stairs!

This weekend I was finally able to finish something on my house fixer upper to do list. I finished trimming up the stairway to the basement. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you but this was no easy task. There were many steps leading up the finished product. Many of those included questions that never should have needed asked and answers that defied logic.

Let's just say some do-it-yourselfer done DID IT WRONG. So, so very wrong. And no, it wasn't me. It was the previous homeowners.

(If I believed in typing *facepalm* I would insert it here and repeat until I had a welt the size of a softball on my head and I forgot who I was).

I cut some huge hunks of kraft paper off the roll and used it make my template for cutting out the wainscoting. I used Easy Tack to adhere it to the crappy plywood the previous homeowners used to make their walls. Then I cut my big puzzle piece to fit carefully.

I shall cut the things all jiggy. Get Jiggy with it!

We had to fix many things to get to the final product. (Cut the wall framing to make it level, use spackle to smooth bubbles and divots, conceal metal support beams, and match the level of the lower wall to the upper wall- hence the use of wainscoting to add some thickness.)

Taking photos in a stairway is not easy.

But now that it's over I can get on my desk, shake my butt and dance like I don't care. You may call the loony bin if you wish. I will just stick out my tongue when they arrive and ask if their jacket comes in teal because teal is prettier than white. 

Kraft paper is my new best friend. Now I'm going to run off and play with my paper.


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