Mar 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning Time in the Studio!!

Lately I've felt like my studio space is a dungeon. It's in the basement, it has fluorescent lights and gray block walls. All and all, it's pretty depressing.

Oh! And don't forget the lovely electrical box mounted on some plywood in the corner.

Here we have the beautiful chandelier. 

Then there is the 'closet' that holds the well pump. My, my, my...  Doesn't that sound.... uh, lovely?

Add to it that I have so many things out and half done that it's a giant clusterfork (I think you know what I mean) and it's utter chaos. No wonder why I've been dragging all my yarn upstairs to work on my Circle Fun Granny Square blanket (you can get the pattern here).

Well, no more. I want a right and proper room. You hear me? I said right AND proper. So Sunday I took some personal time away from the kids bouncing off the walls and sorted.

And let me tell you, I have PLENTY of craft supplies that I had forgotten about. So if you see me walk near a craft supply store without an exact item for an exact project, please send me packing! My husband will thank you.

I sorted yarn, glue, markers, paint, thread, and elastic. Beads, needles,  pins, paper and stamps and scissors. Yes, Scissors!! I found scissors everywhere. I didn't even know I had this many. And don't you know, whenever I go looking for a pair, I can't find a -single- one.

But after all this sorting I was happy. So, so happy. Things are in their place, I have free drawers (to shove more crap in) in my storage bins. And I can see more of the floor!!

Phase One of Beautify the Studio is almost complete.

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