Mar 17, 2014

Some Rough Sketches

I've been drawing a lot. I mean. TONS. I've had better ideas on a whim that I ever did in fashion school.
Oh, yeah. Did I ever mention I'm a fashion school drop-out?

I say it like I really dropped out but really that term is directly inspired by the "Beauty School Dropout" song in Grease. I just loved Frenchie for some reason...

Anyways. I didn't drop out, I just switched to art where I was happier, ate more and felt like it wasn't a negative environment. Yeah.

Here are some designs I've been sketching out lately. Some of them I am really excited about and others I'm not feeling. But I keep on going. I think it's important to do it.

These are a few with an Eastern Flair, it seems. I really want to try drafting that kimono dress. (Must try another store for big ole roll of paper.)

I prefer to do my drawing using specs but once in awhile I have this weird idea to actually try to illustrate. Yep. As you can see the last one is headless. I cared more about the dress details than putting something on top of her neck. And that is why I usually stick with flat pattern specs, people.


  1. The drawing of a skirt with a sash and what it looks like 2-3 ruffled layers is screaming "chic"!

    1. Thank you. That's actually the back detail of the skirt. It's my more modern idea on a bustle. A shaped yoke with ruffle-y goodness.

  2. Wow your drawings are amazing!

    1. Thank you, Suz. I'm sure I've got some 'acorns' in there somewhere from Secret Squirrel.

      I just bought a big roll of Kraft paper so hopefully some drafting will take place soon.