Mar 21, 2014

My little "Thing 1"

Last week was Dr. Seuss week at my daughter's school in honor of his birthday. On Friday they were allowed to dress up as a character from a Dr. Seuss book.

We talked it over and chose Thing 1 since it was a relatively easy to make using supplies I already owned.


All I needed for the shirt was some scraps of white fabric, a turtleneck from the 'to donate' pile and some heat n bond. 

I cut the neck off the skirt since my daughter hates turtlenecks..(I'm guessing that it why I found this in the donate pile to begin with) folded it down and used a zigzag to clean up the edge


I cut out two circles of my scrap fabric since it was thin and stitched them together. Then flipped them out and hand drew the emblem with a pencil.

Shove that into the sewing machine and use a tight zigzag to trace it the emblem. Perfect was not what I was aiming for because the emblem was not drawn that way.

After that I slapped some heat n bond on the back of the circle and ironed it onto the shirt. Finished the edge with a red satin stitch and the shirt was done.


I made a quick headband by knotting blue fun fur around a blank headband. It's nothing fancy or pretty but it gives the impression of shaggy blue hair.

I thought she would be so unique at school by not choosing the obvious Cat in the Hat. I was wrong. She said there were around twenty people dressed as Thing 1s.. and less than five Thing 2s.

Either way she's a cute little Thing.


  1. :) Great job! I am sure she had lots of fun !

    1. Thank you! It was a 'night before' project. Not too amazing but it fit the bill.

  2. A very cute Thing 1. Giving the impression of hair with the headband, rather than trying to do a whole wig, was very clever.

    1. Thank you. I couldn't spare that much for it as that yarn was meant to finish a half done scarf. lol