Feb 5, 2014

Shaking off the Cobwebs

It's time to spring back into action here. It's been too long since I've done the extra little things that make me happy. And by extra little things I mean crafting.

I think I got the craft blahs after my third child. I had to carve up my time a little differently with the new addition. I also had to be practical with what I was actually able to accomplish.

Sleep is vital to me so that had to stay, sorry. My family and children come first so other things were put on  put on hold; my crafting, my Etsy shop, and this blog.

I have now found my balance and it's time to press on. Slowly and steadily I will be rebuilding my Etsy shop and this blog.

I have also been slowly working on that very big list I posted here each night. Since I don't usually get the chance until after the children are in bed it will take time. But I feel accomplished when I can actually cross something off.

However, it doesn't help when I see other things that need repairing/fixing along the way. Ignore them already!  Armed with a hammer and nails last night, I reattached the baseboard trim in the stairway, the trim on the door going up to the stairway, and reattached two precariously hanging certain rods. They are the unattractive basic version but for right now it will do. I don't need to add -hang decorative curtain rods- to that list. I think I've got plenty on it already.

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