Feb 27, 2014

Reading Makes me Want to Buy Things

The problem with sitting in front of the computer all day is severe but it's not what you think. It's not lack of movement. It's not eye strain. It's not the possibility of losing feeling in your legs or turning your butt into a flat pancake.

It's about reading. And I read about making things.

During my free time during the day I read about crafting and jump from blog to blog or search with google about ideas I have. Even better worse are the tutorials on how to make things. Those cause the most damage.

I gather up all these ideas and all these projects and inevitably come up with a list of things I have to buy to make them.

Here is my current list of the week of things I think I really need:

Each of these things represents items I need for some brilliant masterpiece!! TBD at a later date. HAHA

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