Feb 9, 2014

Hidden Art Treasures

Since we moved into our house in the summer of 2012 the office because the catch all. Boxes of random things, broken things to be fixed, things I took away from the kids because they were being used as projectile weapons, etc. All of them were shoved inside.

Following my list I've been cleaning and organizing in there and going through random boxes.While doing that I came across a box of take-away prints from a few years ago.I went on an art gallery hop in New York City and brought back all these prints.

I felt my house was half done because the walls were bare. they won't be for long. I plan on framing lots of these up and hanging them all over!

With my pile of picture frames I got from the thrift store, I am in business!

Here is one chilling out with my Degas print I got from DIA. I like the metallic colors together.

These I have already put up on the gallery wall in my office.

This one lives in the master bedroom.

Funny story about this frame. This got scratched up between the thrift store and arriving at the house. So, instead of frowning I adapted. I took an old nail file to the edges and seams to add some distressing. Then I took a hammer to it and added some more impurities. I think it turned out nicely. 

I still have many others to pick from but I need more frames!!

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