Feb 18, 2014

Circle Fun Granny Square Success

I've been working on that granny square motif that I was creating over the weekend. And working and working. Then finally there was success!!

After trying to turn my circle into a square 4 times, I finally did it!  And not in any way that I have ever been taught or have seen before....

I actually traced my circle onto a piece of cardstock and drew some lines to visually turn it into a square. I counted the stitches in the circle and determined where my corners would fall. Then I used my brain to find the correct stitches to fill the voids based on their height. It was a totally avant-garde attempt but it actually worked.

My sample is complete and I wrote out my pattern. Today I even managed to produce my second and third square so I could double check it. I am very happy with the outcome and proud to say I made this pattern all on my own.


Once I triple check this pattern I will be sharing it with you.

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