Feb 26, 2014

Circle Fun Granny Square Pattern

As promised here is my pattern for my Circle Fun Granny Square I created. I usually only write patterns for myself so if anything is unclear or if you right-handers need the images flipped ( I'm a lefty- SORRY!!)  please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

This pattern will follow the color way of my sample so almost each row will be a different color. Finish off each row and join on the next color the way you feel comfortable. I prefer to finish off and start a little to the right of the last join to prevent an easily seen seam.

I am rocking it with this pattern though. I currently have 15 squares of various color ways! I'm getting there. Only one bazillion left.

*Please note that this pattern is written in US terminology and that when using this pattern that stitches will wrap around any open chain stitch loops.*

I used crochet hook size I or 5.5mm size. This made my squares about 6 1/4 inches x 6 1/4 inches.

Round 1  -Lilac yarn

Ch 3. sl st to 1st ch to close, forming a circle. Sl st into hole and ch 2.

Round 2 -Lilac yarn

Work 8 sc in hole and join to the ch-2 stitch. Finish off.

Round 3 - Blue yarn

Join on and ch 3. Work 2 dc in each sc from previous row. You should end with 18 stitches. Finish off.

Round 4Green yarn

Join on and ch 4. (Skip the next st. Sc in 3rd st and ch 3) Repeat all the way around the circle. Sl st to close and finish off.

Round 5- Pink yarn

Join on at one of the ch-3 spaces from the previous round. Ch 3 then work 3 dc on the same ch-3 space. (Ch 2 then work 4 dc in the next ch-3 space) Repeat all the way around the circle. Sl st to close and finish off.

Round 6 -Green yarn

Join on the 3rd dc of a 4-dc group of the previous round. Ch 3 and work 3 dc in the same st. You should have a grouping of 4 dc in the middle of the previous 4-dc grouping. (Ch 1, work 2 dc in ch-2 space from previous round, ch 1. Work 4 dc in the 3rd-dc of the 4-dc group) Repeat all the way around the circle. Sl st. to join and finish off.

Round 7 - Blue yarn

Join on at the 2nd st of a 4-dc grouping on previous row. Ch 2. Work 1 sc in the next 2 stitches. In the 4th st work 2 sc. Work 1 sc in the following 3 stitches. You should have 8 sc stitches in a row with 2 coming from the 4th stitch. (Ch 3 skipping 3 stitches on previous round, work 1 tc in the 4th st. {Work 1 tc, ch 4, 1 trc in the next stitch} This will be your corner.  Work 1 tc in next stitch. Ch 3 skipping 3 stiches on previous round. Work 1 sc in the next 3 stitches. Work 2 sc in the next stitch followed by 1 sc in the next 3 stitches. ) Repeat ( ) 2 more times to complete your square. Join and finish off.

Round 8 - Cream yarn

Join on and ch 3. Work 1 dc in each stitch of the previous row. When you reach the Corner stitch { } work 1 sc the tc stitch. In the ch-4 space work  2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc. Continue working 1 dc in each stitch going around except corner stitches.  You should end with 22 dc on each side.


Later on I will be doing a round by row photo shoot for anyone who thinks I make no sense.

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