May 23, 2011

Weekend Warrior? Somewhat....

My weekends are pretty occupied with being a mother and wife so when I actually get something done that is just for me, I get stupid thrilled. This weekend I did manage to finish a few projects with a little help from my father-in-law and his power tools. But we'll get to that in a separate post....

These are the other things I accomplished:

I finally finished up another coiled basket. I would have been able to do both of them, but I'm silly. I cannot find the yarn I used as the core for the second so I'm debating what to do with a half finished basket. I think this is a result of using scrap yarn for starting projects. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there....

Anyways, here is my newest addition to my coiling collection.

This basket is made completely out of wool. The core yarn, the wrapping yarn, and the adornment are all 100% wool. I actually debated fulling it afterwards but didn't want to lose some of the texture. 

I used two different yarns in red and purple at the same time to wrap the basket. 

When I was done I felt like it was missing something so I created a crochet concoction (read as, I just made it up on the fly) of joined circles. I then sewed it on to cascade down the side of the basket. I think it turned out pretty. 

Here is another of my more recent finished projects that I just had the time to photograph.

This basket is made out of a cotton clothesline core and wrapped with raffia and cotton warp thread. I switched yarns every row creating the striped pattern. 

I am not entirely happy with the way it finished and how it looks jagged but I guess that's a result of using a very thick yarn for the core. A smaller yarn seems easier and less noticeable to taper off.

I also managed to finish sewing the beads onto that aqua circle scarf, take photographs of some new purses to list on etsy and do some woodworking that you'll see in the next post.

I am a craft warrior!

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