May 6, 2011

Thrifting Fun!!!

My new office is located back where I used to live. One of the things I missed about this area was the food. That and the thrift store right up the hill.

This is the most amazing thrift store I have ever been to, and I think I've gone to most in this area. Here they have things color coded and everyday two colors are 50% off. Really! 50% off stuff that is already at a discounted rate for being used is awesome. And I didn't even mention that on Mondays they have 50 cent sales. Anything marked with the color of the day is 50 cents. Shoes, coats, blankets, dresses, hats, purses..... (falls over).

Anyways, I went there today on my lunch break. It was like going back to the mecca of thrift marketplaces. They had new items up front, and the lovely colors of blue and orange were 50% off. I managed to pick up 1 maternity dress, 2 shirts, 1 skirt, and some items for ripping apart for the fabric. Those were 2 dresses in size OMG JUMBO CIRCUS TENT and a fitted bed sheet in this great retro floral design. I am stupidly excited.

I spent a whole $12.50 there with the maternity dress being my big ticket item of  a whole $3. I know, I really broke the bank.

Anyways, I can't want to get that stuff home and washed. Then I get to take those wonderful tent dresses with these nice big rectangular chunks of fabric apart. That will be the real fun.

All I know is that bed sheet screams pretty summer dress with pleated skirt.

Pictures of the finds will hopefully follow once I get home.


The dress, tops and skirts. 

Fabrics for projects

And a close up of that funky retro sheet!

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