May 10, 2011

Ten Dollar Tuesdays

I know I'm breaking out of the normal "Treasury Tuesdays" for blogs who dig etsy but I'm not much on some traditions. So, I thought I would make my own.

I introduce you to Ten Dollar Tuesdays. This is a new feature where I will be posting 3 great items I've found on etsy for $10 or less. These are small little somethings for the rest of us (like me) who don't have a bunch of loose cash to buy everything on etsy that we want.

This week's feature is on sewing items since that's my latest craft obsession.

Matryoshka pincushion navy and green
This cute pincushion is almost too pretty to use. I love the colors and the traditional fabrics. It also might be big enough that I can find it more easily when my work area gets disheveled.

Set of 10 Dress Form Notecards
What a simple and elegant set of blank cards to keep in your desk for your sewing friends. 

Sewing Parlor Green Cosmetic Pouch
I think this would be perfect for on the go projects. Toss in your sewing supplies and you can carry then easily with you. 

Hope you enjoyed the new feature!

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