May 24, 2011

Ten Dollar Tuesdays #3

I picked the oddest 'holiday' off to make this Ten Dollar Tuesday and I really like the outcome. They told me it was Asparagus Day. Now, I'm just not sure if that's really true but I took it as a challenge.

So I present you with my Asparagus filled Ten Dollar Tuesday!!

I saw this ring and thought it was so interesting. The texture is lovely and using that asparagus color is actually quite refreshing and neutral. I bet it could go with various pieces.

This is terribly cute and clever. Who knew you could make such wonderful things out of felt. These look so realistic I am stunned!!
$4.00 by umecrafts

This is really stunning and lovely. I did not know asparagus could be lovely. I thought it was just for eating!
$6.00 from Daintyhob

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