May 17, 2011

Ten Dollar Tuesdays #2

Continuing on with my Ten Dollar Tuesday on Etsy theme, I bring you this week's finds.  This time I thought I would incorporate a 'holiday' in with it as I found today to be the Merry-Go-Round's Birthday on Holidays for Everyday.

So, I present you with my Merry-Go-Round Ten Dollar Tuesday
I really love the colors and hazy dream qualities of this print. I think it would be beautiful in my daughter's room. It's feminine but not pink and lace all over.  

Funny Card Getting off the Merry Go Round
This card is just too funny. How can it be so pretty but be a break up card at the same time? I love that juxtaposition. In fact, all her cards are so tongue in cheek. I think I have a new love.
$2.99 by Jailbird

I like the simplicity of this design and I'm a sucker for silver. 
$10.00 by bunnyboutique

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