May 4, 2011

The Quest for a Good Pattern

Since I had good success with my maternity skirt I've decided to venture forward. I want to make some more maternity clothes for myself. The problem I am finding is that the pattern companies lack this department. I guess they expect you to shell out $50 for something you will only wear for 5 months. Thank you, but no. I am an avid believer of "why pay full price" and I won't do that for a normal pair of pants, much less ones I would only wear for such a brief time.

Finding their inadequacies, I decided to venture through the normal selections of dresses and tops. While some of what I finally found can be adjusted , what I mostly found was utter garbage. Most of the patterns they were offering were incredibly unattractive or sadly following that "I cut a hole in a tablecloth and am wearing it as a shirt" trend. No thank you.

While browsing through Vogue Patterns I came across the most disgusting, unflattering, repulsive wtf-ery of a dress pattern.

Really, what is this monstrosity and why would I be spending $30 on a pattern to make it? Just looking at their flat spec image made my eyes contort into random odd faces that I think only anime characters can truly do. That sack shape, all those tucks, and gathers, and inset pieces, and rouching and and... (brain explodes)

Could it work for maternity? Certainly. Would I be caught wearing this ever in my life or death? Hell no. And if someone dresses me in it for my funeral I will haunt the living crap out of them.

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