May 2, 2011

Oh, The Weekend- Goodbye

I was incredibly busy this weekend. There were so many things happening on top of the normal stuff to get done.

Friday was the official moving at my employer. We moved to a new office about eight miles away but distance does not matter. Moving is moving. It's anarchy that sucks.Because of the move I was without my computer the whole day. I was also without just about everything else to do my job. It was either boxing things up, waiting for them to be moved, or un-boxing things at the new location in the afternoon (obviously we are nowhere near done with that part).

Saturday I actually did get some crafting done in addition to the regular weekend duties. I will be posting a separate entry with that information. I'm calling it the first of my tutorials I'm putting in the "Quick and Dirty" collection. I just hope all the pictures look decent and recognizable. I could only do so much with lighting at one am.

As far as my other crafting pile of 'unfinished projects' goes, I have started knocking some of it out. I finished weaving in the joining tails of my circle scarf and I finished off one of my coiled baskets. The scarf  I would not call finished as I think it needs a little something else. I'll mull about that for a bit before deciding.When I get more done in that pile I'll take a nice picture to mark my progress for you.

Hopefully in a few days the office will be back to organized enough for me to do some crafting on lunch break. I miss that. I don't want to work during lunch on work. HA

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