May 25, 2011

New Merchandise for the Shop!!

I am working on getting some new merchandise in my shop this weekend. Hopefully the weather holds out and I can get nice photos as well. Sometimes having curious young kids really limits when and where I can take photos of my items. I love them but "hands off" does not register with those young grabby hands.

I just added two new purses to the shop the other day. If you have not seen them, go check them out! They are super fun pin-up inspired bags in bright fun colors for spring and summer.

The items I am currently working on are some star shaped pins and some hair clips. I got snap and alligator clips to put my plarn flowers and stars onto. The only trouble I am running into is with those alligator clips. They don't have a hole for sewing the pieces onto. I may have to line them with ribbon just to get something tactile to sew onto. Luckily I came across this great webpage in my search. Hip Clip Girls Boutique Hair Bows

They have great instructions on just about every kind of bow my mother-in-law shoves into my daughter's hair!! I am super excited at this find and will be trying their instructions on how to line the alligator clips this week.

I just hope I have the right ribbon for it because I was just at the craft store last night to pick up some interfacing for a skirt I've been sewing late at night. I really don't want to go back into the store. I know I will misbehave and end up with more than I really need to take home.

Anyways, here are some quick shots of the new stuff coming. 

Some new pins


  1. I can't believe that's "plarn"! Amazing!

    1. Thanks. I've got newer styles I was working on, one of which is a rose and leaf hair clip. However I've been lazy and need to finish assembling them.