May 27, 2011

Me thinks I need a Ball Winder

I started yet another new project from some plarn I had left over from my Upcycled Bangle Bracelet tutorial. This time I am making the bottom of a tote bag out of this colorful and thick plastic. But, not even two rows into making the bottom the whole darn thing turns into a twisted mess. I think it's time to get a ball winder.

When I was working with regular plastic bags I didn't come across this problem. I would just wrap it around my hand and tie it, much like people do to loose appliace cords. However, since this was a massive shopping bag with handles, it produced much more plarn than I am used to. My normal method of containing the beast failed. Now I am stuck with a stringy, knotted mess of loop upon loop of plarn. *sigh*

So, here I am looking on amazon for a ball winder to join my party of craft supplies. It would come in handy for many things. Coiling, crochet, weaving, stuff and things. But do I really need one? It looks nice, but that's $30 to make pretty little balls. The crafter in me is poking me in the brain going "Can I make that? What would it take to make that.... Is it possible"

Looking more and more into it and remembering my days in the textiles studio at school I am inclined to think that is above my crafting skills. I mean, not only does it go around but it also varies the height it places the yarn on the spinning mechanism to create a nice evenly distributed ball.

What do you think? Can I make that? Do I need that?

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