May 5, 2011

Knit vs. Crochet

Just the other day I reiterated my love of crochet. You know that box of unfinished projects I mentioned a few posts back? Two of those items were knit scarves. Yes, scarves. I know, "how original". But let's put all of that scarf hating aside.

Going back to the topic, I picked up a bag of coiling that needed completed to take with me for lunch break today. Then it dawned on me. The things I am not touching in that box are the knit items.

Perhaps my problem lies with a workshop I took in college. It was  about knitwear and it focused on how to use a hand knitting machine. After taking that I was floored. Why would I ever want to make a basic knit item by hand when I can magically take that carriage and whoosh, a whole row is done.

Our machines at school were much like this photo I have borrowed from

I think every time I try to pick up one of those scarves that is half or a quarter done I am reminded of that workshop. I do a row, painfully and agonizingly, with that wooly furry yarn where it's hard to see your exact stitch loop and am reminded of that class. That, I believe is the thought makes me promptly put down my knitting and pick up some other unfinished project.

So, one day when I finish my pile of unfinished projects, perhaps those knitted items will be tossed into a brand new unfinished box.

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