May 23, 2011

DIY Spool Knitter Tutorial

As mentioned in the previous post, I had the glory of working with power tools this weekend!!! The result? My very own handmade spool knitter and this little tutorial.

DIY Spool Knitter

Supplies Needed:

Pencil or Sharpie
Finishing nails (or other nail with small head)
Scrap of wood ( at least 1/2 inch thick)
Sandpaper or rasp
Drill or Drill press
Miter Saw ( you can use others but I found this worked best for me)
Large Drill bit to cut a circle
Personal Safety Items: Glasses, Dust mask and Earplugs or muffs. 


First, take your scrap of wood and mark a circle a little bit larger than the size you wish your tube of knitting to be. Draw a rough square around the circle.

Second, use your drill or drill press to cut out your circle. My circles were rather small so I was able to use a Forster bit to cut them. (If you want larger circles use a jigsaw after first drilling a hole in the circle to insert your saw blade.) I recommend cutting the holes first and then trimming them, otherwise you will run into an issue figuring out how to clamp down your small wood block when drilling.

Next take your piece of wood to the saw and cut a square around your circle, leaving at least 1/4 inch or more between the opening edge and the edge of the square.

Once you have done that take your sandpaper or rasp and smooth off any rough edges to your wood piece.

Then take out your sharpie and mark the position of your nails around the perimeter of the circle. I like to mark two pairs on opposite sides to make it more even.

Finally, take your hammer and finishing nails and pound them in according to your markings.Pound them down enough that it is easy to use your spool knitter. This is where having enough space around  your circle is vital. If you don't have enough space to hammer in your nails you could split and damage your wood.

There! Now you should have a completed spool knitter. This little spool knitter will make a lovely tube of knitting just like any spool knitter that you can buy in the craft store. And better yet!! You can make these to any size you wish. All you need to start using your new spool knitter is a small crochet hook.

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