May 13, 2011

Books are Amazing

With my latest obsession being sewing I have noticed an empty space in my fabric library. I've got some great books, but I want more. So here I am going to share with you some books that have made it with me for over 10 years from fashion design school to working mom. Afterwards I will give you my wish list of books. Perhaps I'll send my husband to this link when my birthday comes around this year.

My Library
Patternmaking for Fashion Design- probably not a 'sewing' book but it's great for understanding patterns, how to make your own and how to adjust ready made clothing/commercial patterns.
Fabric Glossary and Fabric Reference - these MUST go hand in hand. It is a wonderful tactile book on the many different types of fabrics.
More Fabric Savvy - this is a great cheat sheet of fabrics and their applications. The fabric glossary is a great reference and Fabric Savvy is the way to apply that info.
(others I can't recall right now because my sick brain hurts)

My Wishlist
Shadowfolds- A book on folding techniques for fabric
The Art of Manipulating Fabric -this book was a reference for a woman who designed for St. John's Bay who came to visit us in school. If she finds it great, it must be true.
Complete Guide to Sewing - I keep hearing this is the move complete guide to sewing but only with the older editions. Many reviews say that the newer additions are more abridged and incomplete in comparison.

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