Apr 28, 2011

Productivity=1, Stalling=2

So I was both productive yet, nearly uneventful last night. I did manage to hem the bottom of little girl's 3 tiered dress. I am a bit disappointed I had no volunteers to do so, but I guess it makes sense. I didn't want to do it so why would anyone else?

All in all it wasn't as bad as I thought. The bobbin behaved (no noises of possession!!) and my pressed hem was nicely consistent so I could make a nice even hem. Hooray for seam gauges everywhere!! I had her try the dress on this morning and was so tickled that the straps were not too short. They looked quite short to me, but I'm big and she's 'widdle'. So now all that remains in closing the lining of the bodice.

I brought it with me so I could work on it during my lunch break. I just hope my fingers are able to function when lunch time arrives. Our office is moving and the movers are currently leaving the doors wide open. All that wind, all the chills, straight in the door and directed at my desk. Super, duper fun! However, I brought other projects with me to work on as well.

This is where the stalling comes in.

After I hemmed the dress I took a walk in the craft closet of doom. By walk I do mean opening the door and nearly having things fall on your head. While digging in there I started going through several boxes of supplies, revisiting each box like a lost friend. Each box different, each holding some chunk of a memory whether is be a project never finished or a business card of an old friend long forgotten.

While digging into my treasure trove I found several items I had never used; beads, rulers, embroidery thread, yarn, glass stones. I decided that was a good way to start de-cluttering. I think I will toss those up on my etsy. I never used them but I'm sure someone out there could. I hate throwing away or donating certain things and apparently craft supplies are one of those things. So sometime this week (hopefully) I will have those listed. I just hope they find a good home and get turned into something wonderful. Because to me, that is the best part.
Basket of Unused Goodies.

Another find in my rather well organized closet of doom was this box.
At least I'm organized?

HOORAY, I found another stall tactic. It was sitting there waiting for me to find it again, to finish what I had started.

So now, sitting happily next to me is a pile of nearly finished projects. I've got a crochet scarf that needs the ends woven in, crochet bag that needs it's handled attached, 2 knitted scarves with funky, furry yarns, 2 coiled baskets and that lining of little girl's dress.

I am hoping the end result will be completely finished projects and a sense of accomplishment in doing so. And you know they'll have to find homes when they are done.

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