Apr 25, 2011

Easter Recovery and Dress

Easter was yesterday but seemed to have spread all across the weekend. Why is it that holiday's always seem to do that?

Nevertheless, crafting was on my mind.

About a week and a half ago I saw a cute girl's dress while heading to the check out at Target.

Me, being the crafter that I am, looked at it and thought, " I can make that". So, that's what I've been doing lately.

First, I took some rough measurements from my daughter, (as many as she would stay still for) and then I pulled out my Pattern Bible: Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong.(I had to buy this book when I was in the fashion program in college and believe me, it is amazing. I have an older version than the one currently offered, but I would guess it is still great..) I flipped on through to the children's wear sections and began drafting my sloper for my little girl.

Once I got the front and back drafted I set to work. I traced them out and started the real dress work. Placing the empire waist, deciding on the neckline, calculating the length of the shoulder straps. Deciding how long the tiered skirt would be. Aaahh, it was nice. It was like being in school again but without the frustration, lack of sleep and deadlines.

After placing the pattern pieces, cutting them out and sewing some of them together I did a test fit. Lo and behold, it didn't fit. She was not as wide as the standard chart for her size. I had some new challenges. Booo. But I knew I could solve them!

The main problem was the front of the bodice was too wide. The straps and their placement would have cut into her underarm. To fix that main issue I put in a seam down the front center to remove about 4 inches of excess fabric from the chest of the bodice.  I still need to finish the back of the bodice with elastic, but I had planned on that anyways as I was trying to make a dress she could continue to grow into, instead of wear once and donate.

I haven't gotten much farther than that yet. I couldn't sew at 7 am like I wanted to this morning because someone was still sleeping. lol I probably would have been late to work too, but pffft. Sewing priorities!!

Soooo, I have to finish her bodice, put in the elastic, attach the skirt (which has already been assembled), and hem the bottom of the skirt. I am not really looking forward to hemming that sucker. Such a big hem. But I hope it will be worth it.

She picked the fabrics out of my stash for her dress and this is the print that she selected to be the main print. It is a pink nursery rhyme themed toile. It has windmills, school houses, and of course little swirlies and stars.The other fabrics for the skirt are a nice lavender cotton, and a white muslin.  I just hope she's excited when it's done. It will be far more girly than the inspiration dress, but if she loves it even more, it's worth it!

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